Drumeții în jurul Biertanului

From Biertan you can reach the neighbouring villages using more pictoresque paths, passable either in summer or winter time.

You can also go on trips with organized groups covering longer distances in the Medias-Sighisoara area.

Biertan - Dupus

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Dupus village belongs to Atel commune and it is connected to Biertan by a 3km-long unmodernized road.

This trip takes almost 3 hours and is of low difficulty

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Touristic attractions

The fortified church from Dupus - built in the same period with that from Biertan.

Biertan - Copsa Mare

  • Biertan Village

The route is along the unmodernized road DC24 for about 2 km. Copsa Mare belongs to Biertan,with a population of about 700 inhabitants.

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Touristic attractions

The fortified church from Copsa Mare

Biertan - Richis

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Richis village belongs to Biertan and it is linked to it by the paved road DJ 141B.

The trip covers the Richis valley area (aprox 7 km).

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Touristic attractions

The fortified church from Richis which impresses by its shrine and cemetery.

Trips on the Tarnave Valley

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These trips are longer, with means of travelling to go from one place to another and accomodation in bording houses and inns.

Suggestions for routes:
1. Biertan - Dumbraveni- Danes - Sighisoara
2. Biertan - Brateiu- Medias- Bazna
3. Biertan - Medias- Mosna- Agnita- Sighisoara