Unglerus Medieval Resort - Biertan, jud. Sibiu, 557045, Romania
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Unglerus Medieval Resort
str. 1 Decembrie, nr. 1
Biertan, jud. Sibiu, 557045, Romania
Call: +40 742 024 065, Contact Cetate: 0269 868 262


Welcome to Unglerus Medieval Resort in Biertan

If the idea of medieval time-travel has ever appealed to you, one of the closest experiences you can have is to visit the authentic village of Biertan, a designated Unesco World Heritage Site. A visit to this quaint village, set amidst lush farmland and green rolling hills, will give you a taste of the medieval era. Our elegant accommodation consists of 3 Pensions of four marguerites, which have been fully renovated to the highest standards in keeping with the local architecture. The medieval restaurant is build in a 17th century building that is part of the Fortified Church of Biertan. Unglerus Medieval Resort also offers a variety of options for leisure time.