The Biertan Donarium

  • Donarium

    The Biertan Donarium is a fourth-century Christian votive object found near the town of Biertan, in Transylvania, Romania.
    Made out of bronze in the shape of a Labarum, it has the Latin text EGO ZENOVIUS VOTUM POSVI, which can be approximatively translated as "I, Zenovius, offered this gift".
    It was found in 1775 in the Chimdru forest, about 5 km south of Biertan and it was part of the collections of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, nowadays being part of the exhibits of the Brukenthal National Museum.
    This donarium was used as an argument for the existence of a Latin-speaking Christian population in Dacia[1] (the ancestors of Romanians) following the Aurelian Retreat.