Mountainbiking Biertan

  • Mountainbike

Mountainbike lovers will find many routes over the hills of Biertan. These are of medium difficulty, having the possibility to cover various distances of up to 60 km or more.


  • Mountainbike

They are many mountainbike routes in the area. These routes will guide you through the beautifull valleys and over the crests of the green rolling hills, where bikers can enjoy the rare and untouched nature that this region still has to offer.

Depending of the choosen route one can bike a day long, seeing nothing but wildlife and some lonely shepards and their sheep.

We are happy to advise you when choosing a trail, or you can hire a local guide.

Renting bicycles

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In Biertan we have our own renting bicycle center.

The cost for renting a mountainbike (helmet included) is 10 Euro per day.